Men's swim briefs YELLOW-Blue-ORANGE-WHITE 3D & Ergonomic

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These EMANCIPATION swim shorts offer revolutionary design and functionality in the world of masculinity, developed using 3D software to sculpt the male body as much as possible (buttocks and hips) and optimize movement while maintaining a wrinkle-free appearance receive.

Benefiting from the choice of a highly technical, thermoformed and ventilated fabric, it has been designed following the self-correcting lines of force of the wearer's muscles, increasing fluidity of movement. It is also equipped with a secure and discreetly hidden zipper on the central axis.

The prominence of this four-color model (red, yellow, white, orange) is ensured by the assembly of different straps that optimally lift and shape the silhouette, improve the comfort of the shorty in sporting situations and mobilize an explosive power, but also the movements that occur while swimming. It is rounded off by two small design fins positioned on the sides of the hips.
The elastic jacquard waistband is branded EMANCIPATION after a color code coordinated with this four-color model, which is produced in a limited edition.
It offers multiple uses for sexy athletes who value their looks and unparalleled comfort.

Destined both to the sea and to idleness by the pool, it will be a gain of elegance and functionality for summer and recreational sports such as beach volleyball, table tennis, jet ski and other water sports.