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This EMANCIPATION swim boxer offers revolutionary design and functionality in the world of masculinity, designed using 3D software to shape the male body as well as possible (buttocks, hips and thighs).

It has benefited from the choice of a highly technical, thermo-moulding and ventilated fabric and has been designed according to the self-corrected lines of force of the musculature of the wearer, also equipped with a secure and discreetly hidden on the central axis but also two small side fins very design.

The highlighting of this tricolor model (green, white, orange) is ensured by the assembly of various bands lifting the silhouette and improving the comfort of wearing the boxer in all circumstances.

The elastic jacquard waistband bears the name of the EMANCIPATION brand following a color code adjusted to the model, produced in a limited series.

It offers multiple additional uses for sexy athletes concerned about their appearance and unparalleled comfort such as triathlon, windsurfing, jet skiing, beach volleyball, bodybuilding, mountain biking....