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New wave

There are clothing revolutions likely to mix many reference trends and bring out a creative "new wave" of the years 2023.

Prestissimo – silk

A wedding dress in the image of a musical score, elegantly featuring a bodice with a sober square neckline, covered with a structured bolero in several sections, a straight-cut fuselage segmented into twelve discreetly shaded fabric sections that reveal the bride's legs with a dose of sensuality and assertive audacity. The lines and curves of this jacquard or silk dress make it a very feminine dress and totally emancipated from current trends. It will fit any woman in search of uniqueness, new benchmarks and values ​​of her femininity.

Determination of a night

Here is a creation in a long version with a train, exploring the unfailing determination of a femme fatale in the face of her aspirations for radiance and power. The anthracite gray silk dress is sculpted here in several sections, embellished with several edgings of pearls highlighting the silhouette. A concordance of colors and patterns available in gray and black.

Dune lily

In the lined silk version, this refined dress with sleeves and sober neckline is inspired by the softness of its curves, its. architectural structures and ornaments of the magic of the sand dunes coupled with a floral aspect which creates a declination both sober and slender like the lily of the sands.
It is intended for both civil and religious ceremonies and is aimed at all generations of women in search of renewal and uniqueness vis-à-vis marriage codes.
This lined version sanctifies this model derived from the “Dune” line.

Consecration of a woman

The mix of the two “Magic Perfume” and “Evanescence” models gives rise to this princely dress, offering the prospect of a rhythmic movement in the image of the advance towards the consecration of femininity.
Its architectural design hybrid of silk, embroidery, dreamlike patterns and a majestic train. An iridescent white with a touch of blue gives relief. very particular to this wedding dress which inspires the dream but also the determination of personal achievement.

silk version

Here the choice of a scarlet red silk, the creation of this long version in the continuity of the Parfum d'été dress, its voluminous scattered floral motifs adorning an asymmetrically structured bustier come to summon a sulphurous femininity in the image of the character by Carmen. A dress declined with particularities distinguishing it from the previous model intended to address a frank public to experience the festivities of a summer evening. A new exploration of passionate femininity for any woman likely to recognize herself in an opera diva.


A silk dress that summons magic, the quintessence of the senses,
emotions, feelings for the one who will have the audacity to experience such a transformation of her person. Its central metallic component gives it a timeless sublimation, a uniqueness, an immeasurable grace. The ruffles around the waist infuse an airy dimension.

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