KAVIAN Couture
Born in Tehran on September 17, 1985, Kavian Ghassemy is a German designer, from the ESMOD Berlin and ESMOD Paris schools. From 2009 he worked as a stylist with the biggest brands but also as a director occupying various positions of responsibility for the largest groups.

In 2012, he created his brand KAVIAN PARIS in the luxury and haute couture segment which he expanded very quickly in 2018 on a multi-brand concept for women and men through brands or collections such as ESTELLUX (high-end wedding dresses), KAVIAN PARIS (mix of haute couture and luxury PAP) and EMANCIPATION by KAVIAN PARIS for men and women concerned with an ever-renewed lifestyle.
A multipole infrastructure confirms the relevance of this rapidly changing creative offer. It is based on:
-       A design creation workshop directly linked to a manufacturer partnership in London, based on the exploration of various traditional techniques to create a contemporary and unique clothing architecture. This daily collaboration guarantees an efficient quality control service, validating the high quality and reliability of all products. These partnership values ​​shape an irreproachable business ethic.

-       A marketing sector offering a wide range of uses from teenagers to seniors, Business-Class men and women to the most demanding athletes for elegance, comfort and functionality in their respective activities but also in everyday situations opening the door of a lifestyle to the new trends of a highly globalized market.

-       Targeted communication to its various recipients supplemented by a policy of the most efficient quality/price ratio.
Our business philosophy is intended to share a true concept of novelty,
based on fundamentally innovative design/manufacturing methods guaranteeing the originality of the KAVIAN PARIS house, its stability and its projection in a sustainable economy system, combining the heritage of traditional know-how and new 3D technologies. All of these core values ​​are built on a solid foundation of cross-functional work every day.
                                                                Our quality charter
Create, design, manufacture based on a research and development process involving:
- the best materials,
- advanced technologies and their perfect mastery,
- an environment and working conditions that respect the human condition

 Offer price competitiveness in relation to:
- of the design of each product
- of the concept of modularity
- of possible multi-use

Offer a fast delivery time:
- Whatever the brand segment of the KAVIAN PARIS house
- Responsiveness worthy of a parent company with a family character concerned about customer satisfaction, a true corporate culture
- Reduce overall costs with continuous improvements to better cope with changing international conditions
- Exceed the profitability objective each year to:
- Better reinvest in our research and sustainable development
- Expand European partnerships and other countries including emerging countries
- Participate in the institutions that guide the sector.
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